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Journal Articles


Bourmault, Nishani and Michel Anteby. 2023. "Rebooting One’s Professional Work: The Case of French Anesthesiologists Using Hypnosis." Administrative Science Quarterly 68 (4): 913-955.

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Anteby, Michel. 2024. The Interloper: Lessons from Resistance in the Field. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press

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Book Chapters

Anteby, Michel, and Micah Rajunov. 2023. The Darker Side of Strong Organizational Cultures: Looking Forward by Looking Back.” The Handbook of the Sociology of Morality, 59-69. New York: Springer.

Anteby, Michel. 2020. Dénis, obstructions et silences : La résistance du terrain.” In Parler de Soi : Méthodes Biographiques en Sciences Sociales, 215-226. Paris: Éditions de l’EHESS.

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Manning, Ryann, and Michel Anteby. 2016. “Wrong Paths to Right: Defining Morality With or Without a Clear Red Line.” Organizational Wrongdoing: Key Perspectives and New Directions, edited by D. Palmer, R. Greenwood, and K. Smith-Crowe, 47-71. London: Cambridge University Press. 

Anteby, Michel. 2016. “Denials, Obstructions, and Silences: Lessons from Field Resistance (and Field Embrace).” The Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods: Innovative Pathways and Methods, edited by K. D. Elsbach and M. R. Kramer, 197-205. New York: Routledge. 


Anteby, Michel. 2015. “Un scénario écrit entre les lignes : Le silence normatif dans les notes pédagogiques de Harvard Business School.” Une anthropologie de l'éthique entrepreneuriale, ed. by G. Gallenga and J. Soldani, edited by G. Gallenga and J. Soldani, 113-132. Paris: Editions des Archives Contemporaines.

Book Reviews and Other Publications

Anteby, Michel. 2023. Book review of "Queer Career: Sexuality and Work in Modern America" by M. Canaday, Administrative Science Quarterly 68(4): NP59-NP61.


Anteby, Michel. 2018. Book review of "The Architecture of Illegal Markets: Towards an Economic Sociology of Illegality in the Economy" by J. Beckert & M. Dewey (eds.). Administrative Science Quarterly 63(4): NP40-42. 

Anteby, Michel. 2016. Book review of "Songs of the Factory: Pop Music, Culture, and Resistance" by M. Korczynski. Organization Studies, 37(3): 449-451.

Anteby, Michel. 2015. Book review of "The Moral Background: An Inquiry into the History of Business Ethics" by G. Abend. Sociologie du Travail, 57(1): 126-127.

Anteby, Michel. 2008. Book review of "Sociologie de l’Atelier: Renault, le Travail Ouvrier et le Sociologue" by G. Rot. Sociologie du Travail, 50(2): 258-260.

Anteby, Michel. 2006. Book review of "Selling Technology: The Changing Shape of Sales in an Information Economy" by A. Darr. Administrative Science Quarterly, 51(3): 522-525.

Horowitz, Sara, Stephanie Buchanan, Monica Alexandris, Michel Anteby, Naomi Rothman, Stefanie Syman, and Leyla Vural. 2005. The Rise of the Freelance Class: A New Constituency of Workers Building a Social Safety Net.” Brooklyn, NY: Working Today. 

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