Macro Organization Theory - DS 911 / SOC 716 (Boston University)





This course is an introduction to the major theoretical approaches and ongoing debates in organizational theory, an inter-disciplinary subject area that draws on several traditions, including economics, political science, psychology, and sociology.  Organization theory aims to explain the origins, persistence, and disappearance of the organizations that are central to our society and daily life (e.g., firms, markets, governments, occupations, non-profit organizations, and more). We will start with the classics and then trace the history of ideas as the field has evolved to its present state. The purpose of this course is to provide you with a roadmap that allows you to navigate the terrain of organizational theory and guide you as you generate original research ideas.

The course is organized as a seminar; thus your cooperation and willingness to participate actively are critical for creating the best learning environment. Class sessions will typically begin with a student-lead discussion and critique of the individual papers/chapters/books that are assigned for that week. The session will then evolve into a broader debate in which all students participate and conclude by lessons learned that might apply to other theoretical approach and/or contexts.

The course is cross-listed as GSM DS 911 (Questrom) and GRS SOC 716 (Sociology)

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